A ‘didbrook’ is a blow to the belly which results in the recipient expelling all available oxygen from the body in one breath. It’s a term used often in rugby: ” He got a right old did brook dinner” is a phrase used often by spectators at rugby matches in the Gloucester area.

Didbrook is in actual fact a charming village in the Forest of Dean area of Gloucestershire, but I’m sure I’ve overheard the phrase at ‘the shed’ which is one Gloucester Rugby’s spectator’s stands where many speak like this.

2 thoughts on “Didbrook

  1. A feature in the Guardian Review last Saturday Aug 15th listed some notably odd sounding words under the title The Criminal’s Alphabet. e.g. snow-droppers,fido, growlers,budgie syndrome etc etc. Clearly in need of illustration I would think. The article with further examples is available online. However,my most favourite source of thieves’ patter is the incomparable Classical Dictionary of The Vulgar Tongue by Francis Grose originally dating from 1796. Happy doodling John

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    1. My inspiration is the Meaning of Liff which was written by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd which gives meanings to place names, so my stuff is not original. They were not the first either, I believe that someone called Partridge ( might have that name wrong ) did something similar in the 50’s. I’ll look out for the Guardian article, thanks, Paul

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