Here’s today’s almost finished rough. I’m working on a little book of place names and their meaning. ( I’ve made them all up of course ) Tibberton is a small village on the outskirts of Gloucester going west, but I describe it thus:



The way a female Tuffley walks after a night out on the Abbeymead. The heels of her shoes clatter on a wet pavement, generally accompanied by some choice language like: ” It wos you wot sed these shoes were ok Dawn but they’s crap, oh bugger av just lost me cheps” which loosely translated means ” this footwear came highly recommended by you Dawn, but cannot stand up to the rigours of a night out in Gloucester, oh dear I seem to have dropped my french fried potatoes”

Interestingly spellchecker on here sees Tibberton as Tibet. I’m hoping my little book will be ready for Christmas, this year.

2 thoughts on “Tibberton

  1. Nice! I remember there was a girl back in NY who insisted on wearing boots with such high precarious heels, she had to enlist two friends to carry her down the street. Well, all in the name of fashion, right?

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