Song in the Buttercups

No apologies for featuring this image and little movie again, it might brighten your Monday. I think this field should have a preservation order on it. Robin, the chap singing, and I have visited this place twice in two years and it’s probably a walk that gets our top prize rating. We’ve been lucky enough to have bright sunny days when we’ve been there too. It’s near a small village called Apperley and rolls down to the River Severn and a pub by the river where the landlord only opens when he feels like it, so it tends not to … Continue reading Song in the Buttercups

Tideswell, ‘willy nilly’.

This was drawn after a visit to Tideswell a couple of years ago, it’s in Derbyshire and I seem to remember it was this time of year too. The light was right for September. I did quite a few drawings as a result of that trip, the vivid green of the fields and the bisecting stone walls as well as the trees and their shadows gave me some good photographic material to work from. It reminded me too when I found the images that I’ve been doing these landscapes for a while now. First of all getting stuck into line … Continue reading Tideswell, ‘willy nilly’.

Caught by the Cathedral

Some years ago now I was involved in a small way in a sculpture exhibition at the Cathedral in Gloucester. The print company I worked for were to print the Exhibition Catalogue. I was the interface with the client. It was a tricky job and had to be done at some pace as the sculptures had to be photographed in situ, and it was just a few days after they were in situ that the whole event opened. They needed the catalogue on the opening day. Squeaky tight brief! Uncomfortable. Happily it happened. The photographer did his bit magnificently producing … Continue reading Caught by the Cathedral

Wind down your window

If you’ve ever been stopped by the constabulary in your car, you may well know the sign that they wish to speak to you, when they indicate that you should wind down your window, by drawing a circle at you with their index finger. You might be wise to comply. The way you wind it down is of course by pressing a button, so you don’t have the massive strain of winding it down yourself, the car does it for you. Window winders on cars went out years ago. One was in those days never in danger of catching one’s … Continue reading Wind down your window

A cup of tea

What could be more British, a drink from leaves grown in foreign lands served in a delicate cup, with saucer. Saucers these days are out of fashion, but were always used in the 1950s. No drips on the trousers in those heady days and always somewhere to ladle a drop out to cool it. I was given this cup and saucer, and a small plate, on the Coronation of our late Queen., it sits next to me on the window sill by my desk. Not to remind me of anything in particular or in commemoration, I’m not an ardent Royalist. … Continue reading A cup of tea

Is Yorkshire really that dour?

They claim up there that it’s God’s Own Country, a phrase I’ve hear used for other parts of our country, so what in God’s name makes them so dour, or are they? In a word: No. Like anyone, if you catch them on a bad day they can be grumpy and Yorkshire grumpiness can be slightly sharper than anywhere else, but I’ve found that in general they are very friendly and warm. A recent visit to see grandsons and by definition their parents who live there cemented this view. I don’t make the mistake of mistaking directness which they are … Continue reading Is Yorkshire really that dour?