Drop in and check this out.

Here’s what became of some of them, from this drawing by Anthony ‘Doove’ Woolaston, who’s subsequent life and career remains … More


Interesting to know quite what you expect of something like that word. A Monet or someone pretending to be someone … More

Truck stopped

In addition to posts about the exhibition:Where it all started:, I’m determined to get to the end of my L … More

Where it all started:

This place is where all the people in the poster below started their degree courses back in the 60s. I … More

This makes a change…

One of Rosalind’s watercolours that will be on show at the exhibition below from tomorrow, it’s a print on show … More

…dum diddy dooh!

A chance for more musing on Manchester in the 60s. We paid for stuff in pounds shilling and pence, and … More

Remember this?

In my first year on the degree course at Manchester we assembled in the former lost property offices of the … More

Honky Tonk?

With the coming exhibition in Manchester coming up next week, I make no excuses for putting myself about as they … More