Just a walk away…

So you might have expected a couple of Siberian Border guards but the weather today has been so good that they have melted away. They’ll be back soon. Off for a walk through the town and came across this gem of a house, and yes it is a house, here in Cheltenham. Then up to Pitville to meet my walking companion for the afternoon stroll. Pitville is a super park area that was at one time only available to the residents that surrounded it, but is now thankfully open to all. Here we came across a wild planting area that … Continue reading Just a walk away…

Down in the docks someone’s hammering chains

This is the working end of a ship in the dry dock of Gloucester Docks where I had an afternoon out the other day. It’s worth a trip if your in the area. I like Gloucester, used to live there and miss it’s friendly atmosphere and the rough edges. This place is a gem and is Tommy Nielson’s boat yard in the docks. They are in the middle of a complete refit of the tall ship Kaskelot which is also being renamed to some strange Scandinavian name. It’s one of the largest tall ships around these days and you can … Continue reading Down in the docks someone’s hammering chains

What’s wrong with this picture? Almost everything.

First of all one should not take pictures of your meals. Well I don’t think so. This one is placed merely as evidence of major breakfast criminal activity. I go for a FEB ( Full English Breakfast ) every now and again with chums. We arrive as the cafe in question opens and choose from the varied menu. I’m hoping to persuade said chums go go somewhere else in the future as I pick major faults in the above. First of all the beans are not separated from the rest of the items by any sort of barrier when there … Continue reading What’s wrong with this picture? Almost everything.

Orkneys, weather or not.

I don’t normally post about holidays but this is the exception. The Orkneys with a group of fellow walkers was the plan and a good plan it was too. It rains a lot in the Orkneys and for those of you not familiar with where I’m talking about it’s north of the very north of mainland Scotland and consists of many islands. We got there by flying to Inverness and then transported from there by fine ‘minibuswalkercarrier’ vehicle to the top of the country. It was raining, and grey, all day. It got more and more bleak the further north … Continue reading Orkneys, weather or not.