There’s an elephant in the garden.

This is a little piece that was done the other evening at our writer’s group, the subject was kindly donated by my chum Andy Harden who also writes this sort of stuff, and which is published on Take a little look sometime if you have nothing better to do and need to fill in time. The same applies to this. “Mum, why’s there an elephant in the garden?” Oh, dear George I’m not sure that’s so, but wait, there is! I do beg your pardon. “It’s huge Mum, and it’s bum’s near the glass It’ll smash the conservative, with … Continue reading There’s an elephant in the garden.

Snow apparition…

  You need to have seen the previous posting for this to make sense, if it does make sense. Is this a cunning plan to get you to look at more than one page?Perhaps.Think of it more like a cartoon strip with a frame per day, I’m not sure how long this will go on, but my aim is to do one a day for a year, that will be 365 captions for one drawing, or perhaps more accurately one idea as the drawing will change a gnats each time if I have the time. Thanks for visiting. Continue reading Snow apparition…

After the eclipse,it turned out very sunny.

So here in Cheltenham at 9-30 this morning it went darker, not much darker than normal, and then it went light again. Very light. So I took advantage of a it and went for a walk with ‘she with the map’. A new booklet came through the door with walks in the area and we tested one out: Sheepscombe   Brilliant sunny afternoon and we came across this, which is supposed to be the most beautiful cricket field in England. It’s in Sheepscombe in Gloucestershire and has just the most stunning views across the valley. Laurie Lee, the famous poet … Continue reading After the eclipse,it turned out very sunny.

It’s got beer in it.

Today’s caption is by Tony Farmer. I suspect he is fond of beer. Tony is another talented member of the writer’s group here in Cheltenham which perhaps should be called the ‘City of Words’ with it’s fine literary festival, and probably would be if the town’s publicity department could have their way, and if it was a city and not a town. Perhaps I should n’t have said that, it might rankle with them.     Continue reading It’s got beer in it.