40 seconds of trees

Here’s a short video from today, the calm before an impending storm here in the UK. This one meteorological rather than political for a change. We thought we’d get out to one of our favourite places and got kitted out with thermoses or should that be thermosie of hot soup. The light was every bit as good as the light in LA! It’s just that we don’t get it every day, so we treat it as a treat. Soup was good, walk was great. A good outing all round. We have been told there’s a red weather warning for tonight … Continue reading 40 seconds of trees

Shed curl: Asquith Road

This image from a few years ago, like a few of these current postings. Asquith Road allotments is where I used to have my plot, it was a huge site with quite a number of plots of varying quality. My own was near the car park so tended to be quite sociable. This particular shed was in what I called shed alley. A line of these fine buildings with a long green path between. One particular plot on this row had massive cabbages and other brassicas and appeared to be capable of growing almost any vegetable at all. It was … Continue reading Shed curl: Asquith Road

Colour on a dull day.

That’s advice rather than a statement. It will lift your spirits to draw on a cold wet day which is very much what its been here today. Happy memories of this view from just outside Painswick looking towards the River Severn a silver line in the distance, probably a little exagerated in this coloured up print. Pastels make this very quick to colour up but as I recall it was a very bright summer day when the original view was photographed. Did I refer to the original photograph to do the final colouring? No. I did not want the truth … Continue reading Colour on a dull day.

Shed 10, Reddings Road.

Another of my recent coloured prints, that is to say the colour is added to a print rather than the original black and white ink drawing. I thought I was being clever getting prints done of the drawings and then adding the pastel colours after, but the black print areas seem to resist the pastels to a degree ( who can blame them ) and any whiting out of the image areas on the print give the pastels a hard time too. Photocopying might have worked better…perhaps. We’ll see. Fun to do but also colour is not my best area, … Continue reading Shed 10, Reddings Road.

Chalford Vale

This little shed is in the middle of the valley near Chalford. I’ve taken loads of pictures of this over the years and this drawing is from one of them on a bright Summer day. This is the first lot of colour to go onto a black and white print of a line drawing. I like to make things complicated for myself. It’s good to be adding colour on what must have been the dullest wettest days we’ve had for a while. Quick picture of the artwork so far from my phone and then pin it up on my wall … Continue reading Chalford Vale

Abandoned Bike.Scotland.

I had a bike like this when I was around 11 years old. Complete with Sturmey Archer three speed gears, all three gears being just a tad ‘off’. I had to stand on the pedals for most of the time to get the bike to move.The fine metal levered brakes took some effort to work when this heavy machine headed downhill at speeds never achieved on the flat. Brilliant light on the front, hardly used as I was not allowed to ride it in the dark, and if I did the dynamo that ran it from the back wheel made … Continue reading Abandoned Bike.Scotland.

Tin Church Malvern

Taken several years ago on a trip to British Camp, which is an area with great walking near Malvern, nothing to do with Kenneth Williams. There are a couple of tin churches in this area to my knowledge, one is still in very good order and looks like it is in still in regular use, this one has been sort of derelict for some time. I wonder if this church is used by a particular religion, my father always used to say when asked of his religion that he was a galvanised Christian. So that would suit. It’s a joke … Continue reading Tin Church Malvern

Soft pastels and a rubber, the application thereof…

Thought I might post this again, done some years ago now. I’ve not done that many cartoons of late, but hopefully it’s like riding on a bike and I’ll still be able to pedal. This one is from 2018 More in my series of “Heritage Drawing Methods for the Uninitiated”, here’s how I put down a bit of half tone. Half tone? Is that a shortening of the name Anthony. Perhaps. I digress… I always put the tone on the drawing once it is mounted on to board. I generally use 350gsm white uncoated board to glue the layout paper drawing … Continue reading Soft pastels and a rubber, the application thereof…

Well, there you are then?

Another blog re-blogged. I’m delving not some older blogs to see what they are like. If I like them I’ll blog them again, bit like retelling an old joke I suppose. Naturally I hope you like them. This phrase was first heard by myself when at school many years ago, and it was used by a boy called Thomas, that was his surname, can’t remember his first name. He would deploy this phrase after any long argument to illustrate that he had ‘won’ the argument. To say it was maddening was something of an understatement. He probably became a politician. … Continue reading Well, there you are then?

Accrington Stanley

Another found drawing from a very old 60s sketchbook of mine. This is the then home ground of Accrington Stanley. The only really good thing about this football club at the time was that the pies at half time were delicious. At the time we lived in Accrington, my father being the local Police Inspector or Chief Inspector, I forget which, but he was in charge of this sub division. My brother and I did visit the club on a couple of occasions but at the time the club was doomed. They were broke and eventually at the end of … Continue reading Accrington Stanley