Tin Church Malvern

Taken several years ago on a trip to British Camp, which is an area with great walking near Malvern, nothing to do with Kenneth Williams. There are a couple of tin churches in this area to my knowledge, one is still in very good order and looks like it is in still in regular use, this one has been sort of derelict for some time. I wonder if this church is used by a particular religion, my father always used to say when asked of his religion that he was a galvanised Christian. So that would suit.

It’s a joke I used when visited once in Gloucester by a huge black Jehovah’s Witness and his small white partner on a door to door recruiting drive. He asked with wide friendly smile what’s religion I was and I replied “Galvanised Christian”. He looked bemused and laughed loudly asking what that meant. “ It means “ I said” I’m completely weatherproof”

The two of them left, with the black guy chuckling and the white guy asking him what it all meant.

This particular church no longer has the lovely little mini spire but is still standing. Local galvanised Christians are looking after it. Bless them.

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