Soft pastels and a rubber, the application thereof…

Thought I might post this again, done some years ago now. I’ve not done that many cartoons of late, but hopefully it’s like riding on a bike and I’ll still be able to pedal. This one is from 2018

More in my series of “Heritage Drawing Methods for the Uninitiated”, here’s how I put down a bit of half tone. Half tone? Is that a shortening of the name Anthony. Perhaps. I digress…

I always put the tone on the drawing once it is mounted on to board. I generally use 350gsm white uncoated board to glue the layout paper drawing to the board. See this for the gory details:

I don’t normally put a wedge of pastel dust on the drawing but did it for this drawing to illustrate how easily it can be done and repaired.

Drawings featured here are almost finished, but not quite. A bit like all of my work.

This, like all the drawings in this little series, is about Cotswold Wildlife, and in this case it’s the Conductor and Clippie. Here’s the text that goes with it.


Clippie ( Busses clippiesorae )

Completely extinct. No known survivors in the Cotswolds or the UK for that matter. One or two of them may well have turned into Bowlers, but would be difficult to ascertain which. Female of the species went under this name but the male of the species was called a conductor.

Lack of suitable transport was the reason for their demise.When they were common they were able to carry large bags of  small coins and a large ticket machine from which they could dispense at lightening speed whilst staying upright on moving vehicle.

Call: “‘ickets please” spoken very loudly,firmly and insistently, and when surrounded: movealongdabus

Sadly all no longer heard.


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