Is that a Sedge Warbler or what?

I’ve had a day out at Slimbridge with Betty, my step mother in law, and we are both bird watchers but not twitchers. Slimbridge is on the banks of the River Severn and is a magnificent spot. The Wildlife and Wetlands Trust has it’s place there and the main part of their facility is a rest home for all kinds of wetlands birds. More ducks and geese than you would ever normally see. It has a bit of the look of a theme park in the main area, which is careful fenced, in the main to keep out foxes who … Continue reading Is that a Sedge Warbler or what?

Spell checker stent surprise.

My chum Richard has just had a stent fitted, and as he said to me, the ticker’s fine but the pipes are furred. So what sprang to mind to my visual mind was “Dyno Rod”. For those of you from the UK reading this who might be familiar with the brand, it’s not a laxative but a company specialising in drain clearance for furred-up pipes. There is  folk tale that they used to have the punch line ” Satisfaction Guaranteed or your blockage back”, but I rather doubt it. Or perhaps the copywriter fell foul of the spellchecker. Again unlikely, as it … Continue reading Spell checker stent surprise.

This one’s for Robin

I don’t normally post stuff about people but this one’s an exception. This one’s for Robin, who started off as a client and then became a chum. Cartoonists need clients with a sense of humour, and a willingness to take bit of a risk. Robin commissioned me to do a series of cartoons many years ago when he was the marketing manager of a company that specialised in computer back up. Take a look around you today and see if you can find anything remotely engaging about computer back up! All a bit ‘corporate’ these days as if taking anything … Continue reading This one’s for Robin