Spell checker stent surprise.

My chum Richard has just had a stent fitted, and as he said to me, the ticker’s fine but the pipes are furred. So what sprang to mind to my visual mind was “Dyno Rod”. For those of you from the UK reading this who might be familiar with the brand, it’s not a laxative but a company specialising in drain clearance for furred-up pipes. There is  folk tale that they used to have the punch line ” Satisfaction Guaranteed or your blockage back”, but I rather doubt it. Or perhaps the copywriter fell foul of the spellchecker. Again unlikely, as it was written well before the digital age.

I am forever falling foul of the spellchecker and when composing an email to a mutual chum, the spellchecker said that Richard was having the Diana Ross treatment. This sounds altogether better than the Rod version and would be fitting for a chap who is, after all, one of the Supremes.

I’m sure he’ll be back on the walking trail with me again very soon, with extra clean pipes.Dynaross117



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