Side effects

I’ve been lucky to avoid taking medication until recently when I was obliged to start on some to get rid of an infection. As a bit of light reading I took a glance at the side effects for these anti biotics which were going to rescue me from pain and discomfort. Who writes this stuff? It’s all very careful and as a result I was tempted to the following a cartoon. Laughter being the best medicine and it’s the only one with multiple side effects that are not remotely harmful apart from deep guffawing which might put your back out, … Continue reading Side effects

The biggest beast on the plot

Howard Hughes the American entrepreneur who alledgedly went a bit of the rails later in his life, invented a plane which was nicknamed ” The Spruce Goose”. It was apparently huge, made of wood, and did fly now and again. I wonder if Hughes was inspired by the pigeons on an allotment plot. The beasts that frequent my allotment are more than well fed. Only American Style Federal Penitentiary style protection will save crop from decimation. These pigeons are so big they can barely take off, and it looks like quite a lot of effort goes into getting them up … Continue reading The biggest beast on the plot

“The dog ate my homework”

You’ve heard the excuses and you just know it does not ring true. In the case of Dominic Cummings here in the UK, he broke the lockdown that he himself had advised on. He came up with the very feeblest of excuses which included testing his eyesight by driving to Barnard Castle. It was even worse than the dog ate my homework as in his case he cannot find the word sorry in his dictionary. So we are adding a new word to the dictionary. The word: a noun, is Barnard Castle, and I’m sorry for anyone living there that … Continue reading “The dog ate my homework”

“Keep Hauling” played and sung on the banks of the Severn.

A day out by the River Severn at a social distance from my good friend and melodeon player Robin Burton. We had a programme, song first, then a circular walk from the Old Passage Inn on the banks of the Severn. A light lunch on the banks of the river, complete with a small glass of Stroud Brewery Tom Long Bitter beer, before turning back to the village of Arlingham, and then back to the cars at the Inn. Another great day out and a fine rendition of what sounds a tad like a sea shanty but isn’t, and is … Continue reading “Keep Hauling” played and sung on the banks of the Severn.

Far Fetched Fish

In these times of lockdown, now being relaxed, so a sort of parole where the parole board are a bunch of people who should really be locked up, I’ve taken to fish. I was used to buying fish from the supermarket, but as I’m not visiting these places any more and will try not to for many months now, I had to look for another fish source. Fish sauce? No stop it. Some of the country’s best fish comes from Cornwall and I found a supplier who said they would send me a box of fresh fish and would deliver … Continue reading Far Fetched Fish