Better than beer?

Spread number 5 from my book: “We love you more than…” All proceeds from the sale of this little book … More

Weren’t they a band?

Actually I like my chocolate cool, and I think the band were quite ‘cool’ at the time. Anyhow this is … More

We love you more than…

I suppose the preoccupation with food might have been inevitable in lockdown. This is the second pie in the book. … More

Schwarzenegger Big Spud

We’ve had a heatwave, but I have never watered my potatoes, they take their chances. I grow on some wonderful … More

Umpire of the Sun

I used to be keen on cricket until struck on the head by a ball when just a callow youth. … More

Whispering to a bee

Out and about on walkabout with my friend Robin, this little bee took to a teasel and this is a … More