Better than beer?

Spread number 5 from my book: “We love you more than…” All proceeds from the sale of this little book will go to Longfield, click on the link to see what they do to help people who are at the other end of life. The book is meant to be read to young children to tell them exactly how much you love them. Copies of will some available from the Longfield shops in Cheltenham and Stroud for £5-00 per copy, please give more if you can. If you are further afield then why not buy it from here for £6-50: … Continue reading Better than beer?

Weren’t they a band?

Actually I like my chocolate cool, and I think the band were quite ‘cool’ at the time. Anyhow this is spread number 4 of my book: “We love you more than…” It’s a children’s book and meant for young people, or large people with grandchildren that they miss. All proceeds from the sale of the book go to charity, and there are only 100 copies of the book being published. You can get your copy here, or they will be available in the Longfield shops in Cheltenham and Stroud. Click on the red link to find out what great work … Continue reading Weren’t they a band?

We love you more than cheese.

The book is intended for small children and this is spread number 3, or perhaps we could call it cheese spread. Here in Gloucestershire they have been known to roll a cheese down and extermely steep hill. I’ve seen this hill and to chase a cheese down it is verging on the suicidal. The cheeses chosen for the event are, I think, Double Gloucester, made by Mrs Smart out at Churcham on the road to Ross on Wye. Why chase a cheese down a hill? Well. why not. Buy this book and all the proceeds go to Longfield. click on … Continue reading We love you more than cheese.

We love you more than…

I suppose the preoccupation with food might have been inevitable in lockdown. This is the second pie in the book. I was asked what my favourite meal was the other day and part of it would have been apple pie and custard, but not the fancy home made stuff with actual eggs in it, I like the original Bird’s custard that was yellow powder in a tin that made up into a yellow liquid gold addition to any pie. Sweet pie that is, not pork. This is the second spread of my book…buy it from here or from the Longfield … Continue reading We love you more than…

We love you more than…

In lockdown I’ve had no excuse but to get on with a couple of children’s books that I promised myself I’d do for my grandchildren. The first one is called “We love you more than…” The book was inspired by my own experiences when my family were young, when I’d tell my daughter that I loved her more than….then you choose what it is you really like. This book, like the other, is quite small: the size of a standard cd. 120 x 120mm. All the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to charity, and my … Continue reading We love you more than…

Two books for children, both for charity

Here’s my lockdown project brought to fruition at last. I’ll be banging on about these for several days from now. Hopefully a post per days and a page per day. You can buy the books from this site from each posting via PayPal. All the proceeds from the books will go to Longfield who look after people at the other end of life to my target audience. You can also buy the books from my other website. Again using PayPal. Or you will shortly be able to buy them from the Longfield Charity shops in the Bath Road, Cheltenham or … Continue reading Two books for children, both for charity

Schwarzenegger Big Spud

We’ve had a heatwave, but I have never watered my potatoes, they take their chances. I grow on some wonderful black soil conditioner from Evesham on top of clay like a hard cheese. It seems to suit the spuds. They grew enormous amounts of green above ground, and I thought the resulting spuds would be small and perfectly formed. They are schwarzenegger big. This is just one of a group from one plant, this is probably the biggest but the others are pretty big too, in fact half the crop from this one plant weighs over 5 pounds. The bonus … Continue reading Schwarzenegger Big Spud

Cultured visit with dental highlight.

We needed a spot of culture as well as a day out so booked a trip to Compton Verney, a large house and garden in Warwickshire which the satnav lied about when we queried how far and how long it would take. Or perhaps I drive a tad slower than the average. The drive took us along conventional roads across the Cotswolds and to the edge of Warwickshire. They have it well worked out at Compton Verney to cope with Covid. How long before there are books coming out with “Coping with Covid” as the title. You heard it first … Continue reading Cultured visit with dental highlight.