Cultured visit with dental highlight.

We needed a spot of culture as well as a day out so booked a trip to Compton Verney, a large house and garden in Warwickshire which the satnav lied about when we queried how far and how long it would take. Or perhaps I drive a tad slower than the average. The drive took us along conventional roads across the Cotswolds and to the edge of Warwickshire.

They have it well worked out at Compton Verney to cope with Covid. How long before there are books coming out with “Coping with Covid” as the title. You heard it first here.

We were there with pre-booked tickets to see the exhibition of Crannach. I’m not versed in early German painting, in fact I’m not that well versed in any sort of painting, but as the philistines say ” I know what I like”. These were stunning paintings and to think they were painted over 500 years ago seems quite humbling. How they have lasted. Or should that be “How have they lasted?” I suppose they have been national treasures of some sort for all these years.

This one took my fancy particularly, he seemed able to capture the real characters of these people. I thought that the young person on the right had a particularly enigmatic look.

This one too…

She has that look of a woman of a certain age that is confident but has that rather disparaging look. It reminds me of my niece when my brother has told a particular joke that she’s heard more than once before.

Cranach’s influence has been far and wide and in the exhibition are works by contemporary artists inspired by his talents. This one by Picasso is a lino cut print that he apparently did after being sent a postcard of one of Cranach’s paintings of a lady. I wonder what Cranach would have made of it, I bet he’d have loved it. I did too.

Then there’s this large sculpture of a woman ripping out one of her own teeth. There’s a pedal next to the sculpture and everyone can see what happens when you don’t floss. Barmy, but really quite interesting.

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