OK, I give up.

There I was trawling through some of my photos looking for suitable candidates for a landscape drawing and I chanced across this one. It’s on the Island of  Spetses in Greece where my good friend Rosalind Forster lives for most of the year. One can see from this, as an artists, why she chooses to live there. The light is brilliant in every way.

I won’t be able  to get that into my drawing, so in this case, for the moment, I give up.



It’s my fire hazard day…

I’m at an age when a birthday cake creates a major fire hazard. I suppose one of those Asda caterpillar birthday logs might be safer than a speciality Dundee with brandy, but perhaps neither is worth the risk. So it’s no candles for me day.

On top of this I haven’t drawn anything for well over a week, which is a bit bothersome, so am delving into the archives for suitable images for this week. Delving, lovely word. Reason for no drawings is that everything has been in cardboard boxes whilst we move just a mile or more up the road to our new house. We’ve been here for a few days now and I have painters shoulder from the initial decorating.

I’ve painted a lot of houses over the years and this is another to add to the ‘painted house portfolio’, but these paintings don’t appear in a frame.

Amazingly strong but small removal men ( more like boys really ) moved everything for us. The sight of them lifting a large plans chest full of paper was really something but even they could not manage our tree on the day. Potted two houses ago, it sat at the front of the last house and had grown a tad in the 14 months that we’d been there. They came back with a special truck to move it to us a few days later, two new removal people and this time one of them a woman/girl! Strongest girl I’ve met for many a year, and the first ever removal woman I’ve ever met.

So I have big plans now to get back to drawing. Starting tomorrow. I’m also looking to add to my artists group of prints right here and as we head to Christmas I’m getting together a few pieces of work for an exhibition in Manchester in January with fellow former students of Manchester College of Art and Design as it was then in the 1960s! There you have it: the real reason why my birthday candles present such a hazard.

Anyone still awake out there?


Did you know that cows sleep standing up? This drawing posted some time ago, is one of my most visited posts! Search me why.


Westward Ho! Revisited…

…with colour. You may soon be able to buy prints of these from here.

They will be under my other name Edward Davies hope you like them, I’ve certainly enjoyed doing them. This colour is added digitally for the interested. That sounds like a book title for nerds does it not? ” Digitally for the interested” an unlikely spy thriller about code breakers.

Back soon with more.

Westward hocolblacksf


These babies were begat from this photo:

Westward Ho 09 098

and this old fashioned pen and ink drawing.

line westwardhofinal

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Haircut Sir?

A2Hairposter V32sf

I’m a busy beee with a forthcoming house move, so hardly time to have a haircut. I’m reminded of the story of a gentleman asking how he would like his hair done, and the reply being ” In complete silence, please”

Meanwhile back at the boxes…

Yorkshire lane, int mud.


This is one of the photographs I’m using for creating a new series of prints. Believe it or not this is within about 20 minutes of the centre of Sheffield. For those of you who might be interested in the process. I whittle down a group of photos from my back catalogue and then the fun bit is doing the line drawing.

The idea is to try and capture the essence of the place and then to add the colour later.

Line drawing is done in indian ink and a dip pen on to a coated board. I’ve done these pieces at A3 so that they can be scanned in two pieces and then easily joined together digitally. I also use a bit of Dr PH Matin’s Bleed Proof White to paint out the bits I don’t want. Drawing in the indian ink is also done with a brush, nothing fancy, just the cheapest little paint brush will do for me. I also use blobs of ink and sometimes a bit of screwed up paper for the energetic bits of the drawings! Jay cloths give a good smeary feel at times!

I’m thinking of the colour to be added later when I’m drawing so might add clouds in black, that will eventually be white or a pale colour. So there are times when the final line work can look slightly odd and have no foreground or background. I know that I can change line colour and areas afterwards to give it a distant feel.

The line drawing is scanned at high resolution in black and white, and then put into photoshop to produce any number of print sorts. The joys of digital! I believe that digital is capable of making or breaking the work, it can kill off the natural energy in the drawing so I’m always looking for ways to keep that. In that respect it is little different to painting or drawing in the normal way. I don’t necessarily do just one drawing of the scene, and some get chucked away. I can always come back to them.

Below is the final line drawing, and below that the first of the print types which is not quite finished, but is at least in a state where it can be shown. Colour does not correspond to the original photograph. I’m looking to produce a piece that gives a feel for the mood and I’ll be trying more than one version, might even try one that looks like a night scene.

I hope eventually to be able to offer the works as prints and you’ll be able to see then here: Looks good on the wall where I go under my pseudonym: Edward Davies who is the proper artist in me!




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