Look out for forking lifters.

Listening tonight to the radio I heard someone saying that Monet spent ten years working on some of his paintings, well this idea is at least ten years old and was intended for a campaign on safety at work. I’ve resurrected it as it was a good idea then, and a good idea now. If it’s good enough for Monet then it’s good enough for me. There was a time not that long ago when I worked at a factory where a young lady used to drive the fork lift. She was a bit of an expert but as mad … Continue reading Look out for forking lifters.

Sales as a bedtime story

I remember well reading to my children when they were small and I was able to tell which the good books were as they liked repetition. They liked me to read the same story, and I knew that the best children’s books were always a pleasure to read out loud. However some of them that they liked I did n’t. I never changed a word of Maurice Sendak’s books and they always went down well. Postman Pat was another matter, I could not help but re-write as I went along with armed robbers on the loose and Mrs Goggins as an … Continue reading Sales as a bedtime story

The British…what are they like?

THE BRITISH CHARACTER An innate ability to look forward with hope My New Year’s resolution of “do some drawing every day” is being strictly adhered to. I was admonished the other day, good word that, better than being ‘told-off’. The reason was that I’d described my drawing as a rough, when the viewer thought it was finished. Well, in common with many other artists, one has never finished a drawing so they can all be described as rough. This is one such. My journey for the year is to navigate towards a project about the British and I was inspired … Continue reading The British…what are they like?

Building blokes…

It’s expected of men to be able to use a power tool as if they have a degree in advanced woodworking when the only skills you might have are being able to draw a relatively straight line. I’ve put up shelves, and the effort and result nearly gave me a nervous breakdown. I always claimed to my wife, who said they were not straight, that they were ‘visually straight’, which means they were n’t straight. I’ve even been known to try my hand at bricklaying though it was only in the garden. It was something that I found extremely satisfying … Continue reading Building blokes…

Dropping the catch, or not?

I hope that everyone out there has a very peaceful and Happy New Year. I’m working on a series (yet again) of drawings that are loosely described as ” Sports Nuts”. Here’s one of the rough versions done between mince pies and acres of pork at Christmas spent with the family up in what’s normally the frozen north but was this time, very mild but very wet and windy. I got up earlier than most and found it a perfect time to scribble away before the usual late breakfast and the other culinary challenges of the day. I’m not a … Continue reading Dropping the catch, or not?