The Happy Hiker

I’m working on a load of stuff in my old drawers, no panto sniggers please.A series of drawings that I did some years ago that I always meant to finish up. At last I’m doing it and this one just about summed up the latter part of the year for me.This is not quite finished and is at present just the line work, but is really all there. I’m keen on hiking and walking and this year was a gem for that, with walking in the Orkneys and in the Rockies as the highlights, plus some gems in the Mendips … Continue reading The Happy Hiker

Supermarket stare, it’s that time of year again. Are you going to let it happen again? Probably.

Worth re-blogging this from the last build-up to the X word. You’ll be seeing a few of these around from about this weekend on. Have pity. It only take one trip to a Supermarket for the viewer to notice: ‘Man who’s been let loose in a supermarket with a list’. ‘Don’t come home without those items on the list that we never buy at any other time of the year’ is the order ringing around the head. Sending them on days like these is a cruelty beyond reason. They are not used to supermarkets at the best of times rarely getting … Continue reading Supermarket stare, it’s that time of year again. Are you going to let it happen again? Probably.

Garage bloke and a stopped cheque.

A mix of photos and drawing today. I came across this drawing in the recent cull and it originally would have had a punchline on it somewhere, but that’s disappeared. …and the photos are taken from a couple of years ago at a garage on the A38, so that’s not too specific as it runs down the entire country. The garage bloke was one of those ‘men who mends cars’, rather than a techie computer whizz, the photographs behind him are all his family photos that he has pinned to his wall for the past 30 years or so. He … Continue reading Garage bloke and a stopped cheque.

Transpotting before Irving Welsh

It’s a first rough again, found lingering in the bottom drawer. When I was around 10 years old I took up transpotting, with my elder brother. It helped that we lived at the intersection of many railway lines just outside Wigan where the Royal Scot steamed past at incredible speed every lunchtime dead on 12-00 midday. We used to run down to the bridge to watch it coming and no doubt covered in smoke and soot after it passed, going. I suspect this drawing was another of the rejects for Some Missing Persons, probably because trainspotters do still exist. For … Continue reading Transpotting before Irving Welsh

Drawing for life

Here’s another rough from my book Some Missing Persons and, like the last posting, on reviewing this there are many things about this  that I prefer to the final drawing that I used. The drawing was to accompany golden text written by my good friend Gordon Thorburn and was entitled ” Artist”. Read all about him by clicking the link above. He’s a fine fellow despite being fromYorkshire, but then not everyone’s perfect. You may be able to find some of the drawings from the book on my other site The drawing itself takes me back to art school … Continue reading Drawing for life

Barber shop rough

I came across this rough in my recent clear out of stuff and in many ways think it’s better than the finished drawing that I eventually used for the book. The book in question was called, is called, Some Missing Persons and is a lament for all those types who have now gone. For this particular drawing I called to memory my own early experiences of visiting barber’s shops in Wigan. For those of you outside the UK, then the place might not be familiar but it is for me. I’ve not been back there for years but in the time when I … Continue reading Barber shop rough