The Happy Hiker

I’m working on a load of stuff in my old drawers, no panto sniggers please.A series of drawings that I did some years ago that I always meant to finish up. At last I’m doing it and this one just about summed up the latter part of the year for me.This is not quite finished and is at present just the line work, but is really all there.

I’m keen on hiking and walking and this year was a gem for that, with walking in the Orkneys and in the Rockies as the highlights, plus some gems in the Mendips with my chum Richard.If you really want to know more then go and have a look where I bore for England about them.

I’ve never actually seen anyone do this but it is the way you can feel on a half decent walk in the English countryside.I suspect that the two women in that background are muttering: ” There’s always one”. A fine English expression to sum up anyone who insists on showing off.


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