Guiting Power

Guiting Power: The uncanny way that a vicar is able to pedal a very heavy bicycle at a constant speed … More


Daglingworth: The bits hanging around the rear end of an unshorn sheep. Short for person who is unkemp and slovenly … More

Frampton Mansell

Frampton Mansell: The outfit worn by a large huntsman. Rather too tight across the backside and gut as the owner … More


Didbrook: A thump or blow to the belly which results in the recipient expelling all available oxygen from the body. A … More

Corse Lawn

Avening: A large expanse of country house lawn where absolutely no weeds exist at all. Any sign of weeds within said … More


Bagpath: The argument that ensues when a female passenger disagrees with a related driver on the right direction to a … More

Nether Westcote

Nether Westcote: Underpants of very poor quality where support is lacking in certain vital areas, like the Labour party in … More


Pitchcombe: Combe is from the latin for dung and in this instance pitchcombe is the word used for the hurling … More

Ashton Keynes

Ashton Keynes: The way a small boat might sit in the water when waterlogged. An uncomfortable angle. Has developed from … More

Bishops’s Cleeve

Bishop’s Cleeve: The word cleeve is generally thought to relate to the way a valley is formed, so it’s a … More