Corse Lawn

Avening: A large expanse of country house lawn where absolutely no weeds exist at all. Any sign of weeds within said lawn are treated with horror by the owners and with suspicion of weedkiller by purist gardening visitors to the mansion. This is always refuted by the head gardener but he’s likely to have his fingers crossed.

Corse Lawn: The opposite to Avening. An area of so-called garden which will contain a large number of highly coloured plastic toys, swings and a dog pen. Probably a rope will hang from any tree branch and there’s likely to be a trampoline which will take up any available garden space. Nothing like grass grows within.


A Guide to Gloucestershire Place Names and their True Meaning.

This is another in the series from my considered in depth research into this esoteric subject.

Avening is in middle earth between Stroud and Bath and Corse Lawn is somewhere where few people go on the way to Shropshire but still in Gloucestershire.

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