Further than an old knight’s sword. Social separation explained.

This is the final piece from my drawing video. I’m doing more of these because it makes me feel useful and keeps me off the streets. For the techies out there the black and white line work is put into photoshop and faffed with a little, the text put in with this one using InContinue reading “Further than an old knight’s sword. Social separation explained.”

Knight’s Sword plus = 2 meters

Here’s the latest stage of yesterday’s drawing almost through to the final, thanks to the wonders of my old iPhone and Imovie. For those remotely interested I used the time lapse button on the movie bit of iPhone, I normally don’t draw quite as quickly as this. The final version will be posted later inContinue reading “Knight’s Sword plus = 2 meters”

More than a Knight’s Sword Distance

Trying something new here, this is a little video of me doing a recent drawing.I hope everyone out there is fit and well and keeping their distance so that they stay that way. If this does not work please bear with me as I’m on a bit of a learning curve and have just goneContinue reading “More than a Knight’s Sword Distance”