Don’t come too close

I’m tempted to make all sorts of references to trumpeting the message and the like, but I’ll resist. I’m planning to put these as available on my Red Bubble site in due course and will put a zero mark up on them, so in keeping with my recent history I’ll be making no profit! Hopefully it might keep the T shirt people and the like busy and in business. Take a look over here. More designs to hopefully lift the spirits on here and there in the coming weeks. Thanks for visiting. This is one place where you don’t need … Continue reading Don’t come too close

Further than an old knight’s sword. Social separation explained.

This is the final piece from my drawing video. I’m doing more of these because it makes me feel useful and keeps me off the streets. For the techies out there the black and white line work is put into photoshop and faffed with a little, the text put in with this one using In design, much better as far as I’m concerned than putting photoshop text in there. ( Though I have to admit I’ve used it once or twice recently ) I’ve got more ideas on the drawing board using this sort of theme in an attempt to … Continue reading Further than an old knight’s sword. Social separation explained.

Knight’s Sword plus = 2 meters

Here’s the latest stage of yesterday’s drawing almost through to the final, thanks to the wonders of my old iPhone and Imovie. For those remotely interested I used the time lapse button on the movie bit of iPhone, I normally don’t draw quite as quickly as this. The final version will be posted later in the day here.You can also find this on You Tube just here Keep clear, in every meaning of that phrase, and stay well. Continue reading Knight’s Sword plus = 2 meters

“Kettle’s on!”

I was at college in Manchester in the late 60s and I shared what was euphemistically called a flat with two of my college friends. It was so grim that I would not allow my father to enter. He asked when he gave me a lift back there and I said ” No” . He asked me in as careful and friendly way as possible ” What’s it like Paul?” I paused for a few minutes in the passenger seat of his Triumph car and eventually found a suitable word: “Spartan”. He could find no more words, so I comforted … Continue reading “Kettle’s on!”

Not going out.

“Keep Calm and Carry on” and other such very British slogans have been popular. Some like: ” I’m going out, I may be a while”, famous last tight lipped words of Captain Oats on the ill fated but oddly glorious expedition to Antarctic is another. It’s a phrase I used to use when heading off to the supermarket to buy too much of something that we already had. No more of that then. ” Where on earth have you been?” after a football or rugby match when it was perfectly obvious from the circling beer fumes, is not in this … Continue reading Not going out.