Not going out.

“Keep Calm and Carry on” and other such very British slogans have been popular. Some like: ” I’m going out, I may be a while”, famous last tight lipped words of Captain Oats on the ill fated but oddly glorious expedition to Antarctic is another. It’s a phrase I used to use when heading off to the supermarket to buy too much of something that we already had. No more of that then.

” Where on earth have you been?” after a football or rugby match when it was perfectly obvious from the circling beer fumes, is not in this lexicon, but it’s in mine. The usual muttered inaudible excuse to myself was” ” They played extra time”, an oblique reference to the only time we won the Football World Cup in 1966.

Another from then is the almost last words of the commentary at that match: ” They think it’s all over…!”

Let’s hope it is soon.

Don’t go out.
Stay safe, stay well.

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