Ice cool in Gloucester

We all have them, the sort of days when it really would have been better to stay in bed and not venture out too far. The plan was a trip to Gloucester with the bonus of swinging by the best fishmonger in the area. In fact probably the only fishmonger in the area, as supermarkets have swept the rest aside. I’d better take a cool bag block with me just in case it gets warm, want that fish to be as fresh as possible and not taste like supermarket stuff with all the freshness of being in a rucksack for day, with … Continue reading Ice cool in Gloucester

“It is my only dress”

  My Dutch lessons resume and the latest phrases are getting positively plaintive. Whoever thinks up these should try to undertandme. I don’t even have one dress, honestly. Dutch is a difficult enough language without resorting to these liberal thoughts. My imagination is running riot as phrase after odd phrase is thrown at me without any concern for my well being. Then the latest just the other day: “Not a single child hears the sheep” Now that’s just a little creepy, or is it just my imagination. I spoke it in a sinister whisper, try it and you’ll understand the sinister … Continue reading “It is my only dress”

“Taking the lidl biscuit” amongst other things.

I’ve been rambling, more than normally, in Sardinia, where the weather last week was, to start with, not unlike the Orkney’s ; scene of a previous ramble. We do these walking hols, and generally go for the ones that include a guide. That is a human guide, not a damp book of maps. There’s an interesting dynamic in the group walking thingy. I look at people’s feet in the airport to see if, like me they are wearing walking boots. as these constitute a bulky item for air luggage and most walkers wear them for the trip. When a fellow traveller … Continue reading “Taking the lidl biscuit” amongst other things.

Summertime and China

I’ve had visitors from China. With all this new fangled techie stuff I can find out where people who have dropped into this site, and today I had 2 visitors from China. The last time this happened there was just the one visitor from China. I was inordinately pleased and boasted about this very first visit from China to my son. Who paused on the other end of the phone and said very slowly “…. just the one Dad?” Well, today I’ve excelled myself and doubled my visitor numbers. So if you are one of those visitors from China, you … Continue reading Summertime and China

Will it take off?

I’m trying something new with something old. This might be the thin end of the wedge for an old pro like me, but I’ve been sending some of my stuff to a stock illustration site: shutterstock  to be exact  and you’ll find me under Pauldraws. I’m hoping that this works then you can all see more of my stuff and  have the opportunity to download too. I know that a lot of illustrators and cartoonists think this might be a bit infra dig, not the done thing, but rather than have drawings just sitting in an old plans chest, at least here they … Continue reading Will it take off?