Will it take off?


I’m trying something new with something old. This might be the thin end of the wedge for an old pro like me, but I’ve been sending some of my stuff to a stock illustration site: shutterstock  to be exact  and you’ll find me under Pauldraws. I’m hoping that this works then you can all see more of my stuff and  have the opportunity to download too.

I know that a lot of illustrators and cartoonists think this might be a bit infra dig, not the done thing, but rather than have drawings just sitting in an old plans chest, at least here they can be seen worldwide. Someone might even choose to use them.

Having tried the link above to shutter stock I’ve discovered it does not find me, but if you try Google and put in “Pauldraws” then that seems to work a treat.

Or you can try again here Pauldraws

I’m beginning to wonder if this will ever take off, but like the bloke in the drawing, I’m full of hope. It’s my relentless optimism that gets others down. If you have, thanks for trying.

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