Summertime and China

bofb seaside

I’ve had visitors from China. With all this new fangled techie stuff I can find out where people who have dropped into this site, and today I had 2 visitors from China. The last time this happened there was just the one visitor from China. I was inordinately pleased and boasted about this very first visit from China to my son. Who paused on the other end of the phone and said very slowly “…. just the one Dad?”

Well, today I’ve excelled myself and doubled my visitor numbers. So if you are one of those visitors from China, you are very welcome. I suppose it’s possible that you might be trying to understand the British so here’s a drawing that will help which features what the British do when the sun comes out. And the sun has come out here.

We go to the seaside and older male members of the family, unused to sunny conditions, sometimes knot a handkerchief and rest it on their heads whilst paddling in the shadows in a stout pair of trousers, firmly held in place by belt and braces. We have a saying: “You can never be too careful”, which is complete nonsense of course, following? A full pipe of tobacco complements this image of the male of the species enjoying the day out with what appears to be a small child who carries a bucket. The child uses this to make castles in the sand that are swept away by the end of the day by the inevitable crashing waves.You may now leave this site with additional knowledge about the British which may be useful to you.

Feel free to tell your 1.357 billion fellow countrymen.

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