Bishop’s Cleeve, well it could be.

Bishop’s Cleeve The word cleeve is generally thought to relate to the way a valley is formed, so it’s a geographical term. So a Cleeve is a wooded valley. How it relates to a Bishop is unknown, could be a favourite walk of the Bishop or possibly a parade through the area by religious people. Can also mean the dark area between a barmaids full bosom, but this is conjecture. Another place name meaning, I like the idea that a Bishop would go walking in full regalia through a wooded valley. As you can see from the map here it’s … Continue reading Bishop’s Cleeve, well it could be.

More about the true meaning of Gloucestershire names

Hucclecote One of those parkas your dad or granddad used to own in the seventies that you never bothered to throw away. The undefined fur on the collar is somewhat perished and moth eaten. It has no waterproofing qualities at all and never did, and if mistakenly worn in wet conditions will act like blotting paper. May have the slight smell of patchouli oil, the rennants of a visit to a music festival but more likely to give off the odour of cow manure. Here’s another of my recent drawings for my little book of Gloucestershire names and their true … Continue reading More about the true meaning of Gloucestershire names

Breakfast and business, is there something wrong with my herring?

The guards are out again after a considerable break. To kick start the series I was invited to a business breakfast over in Gloucester, and very pleasant it was too. Getting up at 5-30 was probably the only downside, but at least at that time in the morning there’s precious little on the roads. I took along this drawing and asked for contributions from the gathering for possible punchlines, it’s a cheap way for me to get ideas or perhaps I should say it’s ‘creative collaboration’. All sorts of businesses were there from someone to fix your security to wealth … Continue reading Breakfast and business, is there something wrong with my herring?

Walk this way please.

This is the last photo that I’ll be posting on here, and is in the Canadian Rockies. From now on my writings and photos will be on and this site will be dedicated to drawings and cartoons, the odd bit of writing here and there and perhaps a poem or two. It’s a bit of a reorganisation, a tidying of my drawers so to speak. It will also give me some idea of what is the most popular stuff, the drawings or the photographs/writings. So if you have been following me here, feel free to follow me there : … Continue reading Walk this way please.

A bit of a change…

I’m changing my site. After a visit to Canada I’ve decided to keep this site for drawings and cartoons and from now on my photographs and other writings will be on So if you want to read about all the quirky things I found in the West of Canada, then pop over and have a look. If your interest is in my drawings then they will be here. Thanks for dropping by. Continue reading A bit of a change…