“It is my only dress”


My Dutch lessons resume and the latest phrases are getting positively plaintive. Whoever thinks up these should try to undertandme. I don’t even have one dress, honestly. Dutch is a difficult enough language without resorting to these liberal thoughts. My imagination is running riot as phrase after odd phrase is thrown at me without any concern for my well being.

Then the latest just the other day:

“Not a single child hears the sheep”

Now that’s just a little creepy, or is it just my imagination. I spoke it in a sinister whisper, try it and you’ll understand the sinister Dutch. For crying out loud I’m only going to Belgium for a wedding, just “Pass the bottle please Jolien” will suffice.

To add to the irrelevance of this phrase I add an irrelevant drawing.

I wonder what the Dutch for:
” There’s a small bird on my triangle” might be, it’s about as useful as
“Not a child hears the sheep” and a little less creepy.Trianglebirdblog

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