Ice cool in Gloucester

We all have them, the sort of days when it really would have been better to stay in bed and not venture out too far. The plan was a trip to Gloucester with the bonus of swinging by the best fishmonger in the area. In fact probably the only fishmonger in the area, as supermarkets have swept the rest aside. I’d better take a cool bag block with me just in case it gets warm, want that fish to be as fresh as possible and not taste like supermarket stuff with all the freshness of being in a rucksack for day, with my walking socks.

So of I go to Gloucester on the 64 bus, making friends with a couple of good Europeans on the bus as they toured the area. I was off to the Cathedral as well as the fishmonger, so I gave my new European Bus Chums the lowdown on what to expect in Gloucester. A lot of history to start with. I guided them towards the Cathedral via a bookshop in Westgate Street, now the Antiques Centre, which, if you are lucky has the side alleyway door open. We were in luck, it was, so they were able to see the side a complete facade of a wooden medieval house. if you ever go to Gloucester, go and see it and hope that the door is open for you. Any other town would have made sure that such a stunning facade was on open view, but Gloucester seems to want to hide it’s history.

That aside I love the place, it’s friendly and unpretentious. Sadly, after my moment of triumph there, things went downhill.

I had planned a trip to the local photography shop to try and find a camera that had been on offer about a month ago. I wanted to get the feel of it, and then to buy it. The friendly assistant came to me and asked if there was anything she could help with. The camera I had wanted to look at appeared to have disappeared. It’s a GX7 and that’s about all I know, perhaps you can look it up. “That’s the Gx 9, she said pointing to an empty place, we seem to have sold the one from display”. Let’s see if we can make this a little more profitable for both of us I said: Tell me about mirrorless cameras please. “Well ….they are cameras without mirrors” she said triumphantly but with the look of a rabbit in the headlights. I would never have guessed, I said and headed for the door, at least I had the prospect of a trip to the fishmonger to cheer me. I strode out to find it, with the vision of gleaming fresh fish and the ice block in my rucksack to remind me with a cold back.

The lights were on but there was nobody home. A little like the photo assistant. On the fish counter was a notice: Gone fishing, we’ll be back from holiday in on June 4th. So there I was stood standing, with only a block of ice in my rucksack to remind me of what I’d come for.

I thought it best to head home before my back turned to ice, at least the bus ran on time.

One would expect a drawing to go with this of a fish, perhaps, or a block of ice or a clueless camera shop assistant, but it’s none of those. It’s one of those days, get used to it.bandbidrumsoupsf



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