Pitchcombe: Combe is from the latin for dung and in this instance pitchcombe is the word used for the hurling of dung. In particular cow dung that has dried enough for it to be successfully lifted as a complete circle about the size of a pizza, and then thrown.It is thought that Pitchombe preceded Frisbee as a marketing name, but has since fallen out of common parlance.

Stancombe: The stance adopted before delivering a Pitchcombe. Legs wide apart, arms like a windmill in readiness for the launch. Very risky when loaded with the necessary as detritus may emanate and you may not be popular at home, or anywhere for that matter.


A Guide to Gloucestershire Place Names and their True Meaning.

This is another in the series from my considered in depth research into this esoteric subject. In this case I have featured two places as they are related in meaning.

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