Guiting Power

Guiting Power: The uncanny way that a vicar is able to pedal a very heavy bicycle at a constant speed no matter what the gradient of the slope or the load carried in the front basket. There is always a front basket.

Gotherington: Curtains with too many pleats that hang down in a semi circle. Sometimes referred to disparagingly as ‘tart’s knickers’, but Gotherington is the proper term. The phrase: ‘This room you’ve decorated in purple would be further much enhanced if you were to have a Gotherington finish to the drapes’.


A Guide to Gloucestershire Place Names and their True Meaning.

This is another in the series from my considered in depth research into this esoteric subject.


Guiting Power is in the Cotswolds, up in the hills, not far from the Slaughters ( I kid you not, Upper and Lower Slaughter are two villages not far away. Both of these places need no special meaning ) Gotherington is a village north of Cheltenham.

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