Magic day and little yellow jacketed bombers.

A break from the place names for a day, and a brilliant walk in the countryside. Loads of cow parsley and bright sunshine now and again. Walking with my friend Sir Robin Burton of Churchdown, who is always the best of company. We set off on a circular tour from the bottom of the Chalford valley, up through Dimmelsdale ( yes, it does sound like a made up name ) and to the top edge of France Lynch. The area is familar to me as we used to live around there. Over to Oakridge and then across towards the Daneway area but downhill to the canal and river where we stopped under a bridge and Robin sang a great song and about miners with the benefit of what might be termed, canal bridge acoustics.

I took a small video for you to take a look at and listen.

Deserving of a Scotch Egg, we finished our walk back at the bottom of Chalford valley and drove to Miserden where we knew these eggs might be on offer. Unfortunately there were other yellow beasts in the area and as we tucked in wasps were everywhere.

” These are all going to die” was the advice given to me by Robin,

” They are if they come near my scotch egg” I replied. Too many to consider going for a piece of sticky cake, we ended the day there.

Magic day, no stings attached.

Cow parsley in Dimmelsdale.

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