Drawing for life


Here’s another rough from my book Some Missing Persons and, like the last posting, on reviewing this there are many things about this  that I prefer to the final drawing that I used. The drawing was to accompany golden text written by my good friend Gordon Thorburn and was entitled ” Artist”.


Read all about him by clicking the link above. He’s a fine fellow despite being fromYorkshire, but then not everyone’s perfect.

You may be able to find some of the drawings from the book on my other site http://www.pauldaviescartoons.co.uk

The drawing itself takes me back to art school days, which is what we called them in those days. The Beatles, or some of them, went to art school, not to Uni. The school was in the former public baths in Openshaw, a rough area of Manchester.

I well remember my first life drawing class. You could have cut the atmosphere with a pallet knife. Here we were a group of young men and women about to witness what some of us had never seen before in our innocent days, a completely naked woman that we were supposed to draw. The boys were expecting a Playboy centrefold, and the girls? We had no idea of what they were expecting and frankly few of us boys cared.

As the class was about to start there was no sign of the naked stranger, then what seemed like a well built cleaning woman walked in who seems to be wearing a gaberdine mac. It was Manchester so perhaps she’s just stepped out of the rain.

She then stepped out of the gaberdine with not a stitch on and bestrode herself on the pink sofa.She was hardly centrefold stuff, being well endowed with her own collection of centre folds.

My young colleague just could not help himself and gasped in a very long whisper audible to all ” Bloody hell”. Our tutor then laid into us about how absolute rubbish we were at drawing and that we’d better get our proverbial fingers out and get as much life drawing in as possible. We did get stuck in and life was never quite the same for us again. Our centrefold friend liked to wander about and check out the drawings in her break, in some ways we were more afraid of her than the tutor, especially if she did not bother to put her mac back on in break time.

I’m sure one of the girls just drew the window behind the model.




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