We love you more than cheese.

The book is intended for small children and this is spread number 3, or perhaps we could call it cheese spread. Here in Gloucestershire they have been known to roll a cheese down and extermely steep hill. I’ve seen this hill and to chase a cheese down it is verging on the suicidal. The cheeses chosen for the event are, I think, Double Gloucester, made by Mrs Smart out at Churcham on the road to Ross on Wye. Why chase a cheese down a hill? Well. why not.

We love you more than…

A book to be read to young children by immature adults illustrating exactly how much you love them.This small book is 28 pages including the cover and is in full colour throughout, you can buy the book from here or direct from Longfield shops in Cheltenham and Stroud. If bought from here I will send copies to you via mail. Limited edition, only 100 copies printed.£5-00 in the shops £6-50 if bought from here to cover postage and packing. All proceeds go to Longfield. Get yours now.


Buy this book and all the proceeds go to Longfield. click on the link and see what wonderful work they do for people at the other end of life to the target audience of this little book.

If you’d like both books best to go to here to find out more about them and order them together.

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