Two books for children, both for charity

Here’s my lockdown project brought to fruition at last. I’ll be banging on about these for several days from now. Hopefully a post per days and a page per day. You can buy the books from this site from each posting via PayPal. All the proceeds from the books will go to Longfield who look after people at the other end of life to my target audience. You can also buy the books from my other website. Again using PayPal. Or you will shortly be able to buy them from the Longfield Charity shops in the Bath Road, Cheltenham or their branch in King Street, Stroud.

They cost £6-50 through PayPal as I need to cover postage and packing and they are a mere £5-00 and all that fiver goes to Longfield, I have paid for print and production. So please buy it, for Longfield and for me.

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