Schwarzenegger Big Spud

We’ve had a heatwave, but I have never watered my potatoes, they take their chances. I grow on some wonderful black soil conditioner from Evesham on top of clay like a hard cheese. It seems to suit the spuds. They grew enormous amounts of green above ground, and I thought the resulting spuds would be small and perfectly formed. They are schwarzenegger big. This is just one of a group from one plant, this is probably the biggest but the others are pretty big too, in fact half the crop from this one plant weighs over 5 pounds. The bonus is that they taste pretty good too. I just wish I could remember what they were called. If you are good at spud recognition and you’ve seen this beast somewhere before, then let me know.

This one was dug out last night and together with its brother spuds, and some pretty big beetroot, I put them in a shopping bag to bring home. I could hardy lift the bag, so I put half of them back to return today to get them.

Spud I like.

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