We love you more than…

In lockdown I’ve had no excuse but to get on with a couple of children’s books that I promised myself I’d do for my grandchildren. The first one is called “We love you more than…”

The book was inspired by my own experiences when my family were young, when I’d tell my daughter that I loved her more than….then you choose what it is you really like.

This book, like the other, is quite small: the size of a standard cd. 120 x 120mm. All the proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to charity, and my own preferred charity is local one to me here in Cheltenham: Longfield. Take a look at what they do there.

They have a shop in Cheltenham and another one in Stroud where they are going to stock the books in due course.

As a taster I will be publishing the spreads of the book here over the next few days. I’m having a hundred copies of each book printed so they are a limited edition. I hope you enjoy.

You can also see more about the books on my other website here.

You can buy a copy from the through PayPal right here:

We love you more than…

A 28 page full colour illustrated children's book where all proceeds will go to charity. Book is 120 x 120mm and in full colour with a limited print run of 100 copies. Copies are £6-50 per book and this covers the postage in the UK. The books are also available at the Longfield Charity chops in the Bath Road Cheltenham and in Stroud, where they are £5-00. Give more if you can please


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