Abandoned Bike.Scotland.

I had a bike like this when I was around 11 years old. Complete with Sturmey Archer three speed gears, all three gears being just a tad ‘off’. I had to stand on the pedals for most of the time to get the bike to move.The fine metal levered brakes took some effort to work when this heavy machine headed downhill at speeds never achieved on the flat. Brilliant light on the front, hardly used as I was not allowed to ride it in the dark, and if I did the dynamo that ran it from the back wheel made the Sturmey Archers even more redundant and slowed me down to a crawl, the resultant light was no brighter than a flickering candle. Unless I was hurtling downhill when the beam would have picked out an enemy bomber if at the right angle. All that aside I loved it, bought for me by my parents second hand one Christmas back in the early 60s. I did for a time ride around Lower Ince area of Wigan, and then later I used it around Accrington very occasionally. However that area of Lancashire is hilly and even wetter than Wigan, so enthusiasm was dampened.

I think my father sold it on eventually. I wonder if this is it in Scotland, where I came upon it dumped by a river walk near Nairn. A sad end to a fine vehicle.

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