Chalford Vale

This little shed is in the middle of the valley near Chalford. I’ve taken loads of pictures of this over the years and this drawing is from one of them on a bright Summer day. This is the first lot of colour to go onto a black and white print of a line drawing. I like to make things complicated for myself. It’s good to be adding colour on what must have been the dullest wettest days we’ve had for a while.

Quick picture of the artwork so far from my phone and then pin it up on my wall with the others that I’m doing. Come back after a cup of tea and see if it’s working, and what I can inflict on it next. The colour is chalk pastels and they go well onto the white areas of the image but struggle on the black areas, so really not sure where to go next with this, but it’s fun having a go.

Loads more to do including two of my biggest images for quite a while. So good to be working with traditional media with no squinting at a screen, apart from when I’m typing this.

Colour on!
Colour off!

By the bye, if you follow me on Instagram, I’m giving up on it! I think I can live without it so won’t be posting on there any more. Toodle pip!

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