Shed 10, Reddings Road.

Another of my recent coloured prints, that is to say the colour is added to a print rather than the original black and white ink drawing. I thought I was being clever getting prints done of the drawings and then adding the pastel colours after, but the black print areas seem to resist the pastels to a degree ( who can blame them ) and any whiting out of the image areas on the print give the pastels a hard time too. Photocopying might have worked better…perhaps.

We’ll see. Fun to do but also colour is not my best area, I feel quite at home with line drawings in ink but when it comes to the colour I am at times ‘all at sea’, but I think this one is better than some.

This is untouched by digital media, and I will be cleaning it up a little in the coming days but not digitally, another opportunity to really foul it up, by hand!

Here’s the black and white version, two of them in fact, one where I’ve taken out a fair amount of the dark areas. I like the first one best! Typical.

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