Shed curl: Asquith Road

This image from a few years ago, like a few of these current postings. Asquith Road allotments is where I used to have my plot, it was a huge site with quite a number of plots of varying quality. My own was near the car park so tended to be quite sociable.

This particular shed was in what I called shed alley. A line of these fine buildings with a long green path between. One particular plot on this row had massive cabbages and other brassicas and appeared to be capable of growing almost any vegetable at all. It was tended by a man who drove buses for a living.

Dennis, another plot holder was also a capable plotter. He had a system of saving water with water butts that joined together and an ability to grow sweet peas that won prizes. Fine fellow.

My Chinese neighbours grew plants I’d never seen before and tended to visit the plot infrequently, but the plants grew, then went to seed. Their weeds did well too.

I was sorry to leave it and lucky to get a free transfer to my new plot, which is just down the road from where I live now.

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