Footy Chair

We don’t call football soccer over here, it’s football. It must have been around 2002 that there was a World Cup tournament as I came accross this drawing when clearing stuff out. It was, I think , for a calendar. I suspect that I got the month when we were in the tournament and this is as anyone will recognise a footy chair. You can tell it’s done a while ago as the computer monitor is a little on the large size. I also borrowed a theme from an earlier project called ” Things to come” when I did a … Continue reading Footy Chair

Netball woman, and other sporting moments.

This is another drawing from the archives recently found. It’s from a book called ’43 Unsporting Moments’ and was written with my old collaborator Gordon Thorburn. The book dates from 1996, so getting on a bit now. I’ll quote here from the text which is about a fixture at a prison: ” This girl, who would have been the dominant personality in any East German field-events team, did not seem especially keen to join in the sport today. She gave the impression that among her preferred activities was having college girls on toast for breakfast…” The lady on the outside … Continue reading Netball woman, and other sporting moments.