A passion for watercolour… not.

Here’s one that I published way back in 2018. Yes, I’ve been putting out this stuff for THAT long.watercolour

I always like to leave a bit. Ask my kids about when I cook, there’s a family saying…”there’s a little bit left over”. It means I’m not good at finishing stuff and that applies to drawing as much as anything else. So in my fridge of  portfolio drawings there are loads that are just not finished and now with the digital age there are even more that I fully intend to cook till entirely finished.

The rule does not apply to eating unfortunately. I’m an advocate of the clean plate in that respect. Clean Plate Davies would be my name if I were a gangster. ” Shall we get Clean Plate to do the contract Luigi?”… “Hell no Petrocomical, that schmuck will leave him for dead but won’t finish him off”.

This drawing was done earlier in the year and is a reworking of one that I did years ago for the English Tourist Board ( who no longer exist and have not for some time ). Needless to say this version is not quite finished.

I’ll finish this blog later.

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