The mice are saying nothing…

Carrying on my latest Dutch lessons one recent gem has included this one, and the visual image and back story need telling.

Could it be a philosophical offering or perhaps  a scenario where I imagine someone being interrogated and there’s no-one around.The interrogator shines the light into the poor suspects face The suspect is under threat from the odious questioner, but he’s giving nothing away. As if to threaten him even more the black coated inquisitor leans close to him and whispers with his strong guttural accent into his left ear….de muizen…then his voice trails off.

The suspect start to sweat profusely.

Thinking to himself that the game might be up, the suspect looks up at his questioner’s enormous bulk and croaks : “…de muizen?…That’s just not amusing.”


More musings from my Dutch lessons might follow if I can follow them.

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