Spud I like.

It’s that time of year, harvest time on the allotment. I’m no expert gardener and usually forget what sort of spuds I put in months back. But I do remember that this version is called Kestrel. It was recommended to me by one of my fellow plotters last year.

I dug up this beast just today. That is 2lbs and almost 11 ounces. What’s my secret? I don’t have one. I just got lucky. I am not one of those gardeners that grows leeks as big as trees and cabbages as big as basketballs. This chap had several only slightly smaller brothers too. There may well have been around 5 pounds of potato from one plant. The bonus here too, is that these spuds taste great and make great roasties.

What particularly pleased me was the condition they are in. I did use nematodes this year to keep the slugs off my crop. Now, I don’t really know if that has been successful but in this case it seems to have worked well.

From now on you can call me Mr Spud.

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