The time you spend looking into the middle distance.

People who might have ideas will understand this. When I worked at the print company if you sat back and sucked your pencil thinking, it was seen as non productive time.They were manufacturing so perhaps it was, but time spent sucking the pencil in the creative world may well be considered working quite hard.

I’ve been sucking the pencil for a while about what to do with a load of landscape drawings. After a recent foray into colour for a children’s book where I applied colour to the drawings with pastel, a medium I used to use just a little when the bulk of my colour work was done in magic marker. I gave away my markers some years ago and determined to just do black and white work. Then I started to work in digital colour. Working hard to make the drawings look like they had not been over digitised. All a bit of a work around really, and involving staring for far too long at a screen.

The landscape work was a leap away from the cartoon work, and non of it done on a screen. Big drawings.It brought back that relaxed feeling that comes with drawing on paper. No wonder art is seen as therapy, and I’ve been in art therapy for years.

So I’ve been sucking that pencil and thinking exactly how will I colour these drawings. Leap in there and just do it, came the answer to myself. My intention is also to do some colour versions from scratch, and even try doing some in situ with a little stool and a sketchbook, but for the time being I’m attacking the black and white drawings.

Then they are pinned to my studio office wall board so that I can look at them and suck the pencil again, to see what I might do next to them. More colour? Less? We’ll see.

Just hoping that when finished, they don’t suck!

Here’s the board. The top left is how the original drawings looked, just black and white line.I don’t think I’ll colour that one. The others are still to be finished properly, the one in the middle the original sketch for the bottom right. The mouse is from the recent children’s book. Top right needs bit of work on it. I’ll probably have changed my mind by tomorrow. One has failed completely and gone into card recycling.

2 thoughts on “The time you spend looking into the middle distance.

  1. Time spend gazing into space is not wasted… that’s when the magic happens. I don’t think that I ever had a really good business idea when I was sat in the office “working”. The office is all about process and logic. Trouble is that if everyone follows “logic” then they all end up in the same place. The key to success lies in ending up in a different place from your competitors. It might not be the optimum place logically… but it may well be the best place for you…

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