Rich pickings in September

I always think that September is a great time to take photographs. The light is our very good friend in this month. I’m posting a few from here, each with a small commentary. Hope you enjoy them.

This very weird dying plant is on the edge of a field in some sort of waste ground. It stands about 15 feet high. Any ideas anyone?
There’s something yellow in that shed. What could it be?
Green, green, then a bit more green.
From one of my fellow true artists on the plot.Orange Squash?
A fine grape crop on my fellow plotter’s patch. Chateau Cheltenham may be on the cards, perhaps.
The War Memorial in Brimsfield. A tiny village on the top of the Cotswolds.Even this little place lost sons.
A Telephone Box in the same village

“What’s a phone box Granny?” my grandson asked the other day. How to explain.

If you had no phone at home or in the unlikely event of needing to phone someone you could go to a red box and then if you put money into the black box inside the red box, you could be put through to talk to someone on the telephone. You had to be quick though, you had to get across what you wanted to say quite quickly or you’d run out of money and the call would just stop.

These boxes have in many cases been re purposed and some have defibrillators installed in them. So the place where you might have gone to ring for an ambulance ‘cos Uncle George had these chest pains is now the place where, if Uncle George were to survive, he could be revived if he had a repeat event.

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