Pump action

So here we are again back in the 70s with panic at the pumps, and everyone blaming everyone for the mess we find ourselves in. This pump used to be in Uley, a small village just outside Stroud in Gloucestershire, lovely spot for a quiet drive. This photo taken some years ago, so not sure if this filling station has been re-developed.

How driving has changed from those days when one pootled to and fro and lorry drivers had a mate. Yes, a lorry driver’s mate was a job description. I always wanted to be a lorry driver and fulfilled my dream when leaving college driving cakes all over the North West and bits over the border into Yorkshire. Getting up at 3.00 in the morning was not easy but I’m proud to say I was never late.The cakes must get through.

Happily I steered a different course and ended up behind a drawing board rather than a wheel, but that aside I just love drawing lorries!

Toot! Toot!

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