Buy a mouse, support a school.

My good friend Andy Harden wrote a charming tale last year for a children’s book. He had the great good sense to ask me if I could do some drawings for it and lockdown was a perfect opportunity to get involved. The book is out now and all the proceeds from the sale will go to Kingsway Primary School in Gloucester where Andy works as a teaching assistant.

It’s been a joy to work on, and unusually I did the drawings for this project in colour. You can see them all on my website and you can also buy the book from there too.

I had a wonderful morning there yesterday where Andy and I introduced the book and the drawings to the children. To have 400 children applauding you is a real buzz. It made my day. The books are flying off the shelves now and hopefully we will be able to sell all 200, which will rise around £1000-00 for the school. They are £5-00 per copy from the school or £6-50 on line to cover postage and packing.

Andy and I were the star turn at yesterday’s assembly at the school! I’ve not been close to so many little people for quite some time! Seeing that sea of beaming faces was a little intimidating but they were all very kind, and asked lots of intelligent questions.

I hope you can spare the time to pop over to my website and take a look yourself. If you’ve got any questions then please put your hand up and wait to be asked.

This is the cover, you can see all the book here, but it really is best in book form!

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