Scalpel retires…

Most people of my generation who work in graphics or illustration will be familiar with the Swann Morton scalpel. I’ve used this one since around 1980 and it is just about to retire. The blade holder can’t take it any more. So I’ve gone for an upgrade, the Swann Morton 2021. It’s exactly the same as this one, but someone has seen fit to add some engraved numbers on the handle, so you can use it to measure something relatively short! These things are made in Sheffield, not something I’d taken on board for many years until my son moved up there and I drove past the factory.

Pair this blade handle up with some Swan Morton 10a blades and you have the very thing for cutting paper/card, and all sorts of other delicate pieces of work. It’s been a trusty servant to me. I bought the new one on-line but this was a ‘gift’ from someone I shared desk space with me way back in the 80s who said ” Look, I’ve scratched my name on this blade handle so no bugger can walk off with it” Sorry Lynn, but I walked off with it, so your plan didn’t work, but I have looked after it well.

Damning evidence…

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