Sammy the Salesman

I’ve probably posted this before, but who cares. I bet I’m not the only one who tells a favourite story more than once, my best friends let me do it, then I get to the end and I look at them and they give me that look that tells me I’ve told it before. A sort of kindly smiling look, that is giving the impression that I’m losing my marbles, but they understand.

My good friend Andy and I finished a children’s book and put it out there for sale about two weeks ago. We did not print a lot: 200. They’ve all gone! I have to admit that they were in aid of a school so parents and staff were very loyal. We’ve ordered more, but will they be left in the box? We’ll see.

Andy wrote the book and I did the drawings, you can see more of it right here

I well remember reading books for my kids and hopefully this is the sort of book that parents won’t mind too much reading to their little ones. There were some children’s books that I could read again and again and not tire of Maurice Sendak’s “In the Midnight Garden” was a particular favourite of mine and of my son. He slept on it so much that the paper started to feel like a soft blanket. Postman Pat had the opposite effect on me. The kids loved them but I found them remarkably dull and in the end used to spice up the stories, especially for my daughter, having Mrs Goggins making off with the proceeds of the post office, and Postman Pat himself drinking too much and driving irresponsibly. My daughter use to just give me a look and then say: ” now that did n’t really happen did it Daddy?”

I owned up, which then meant I had to read the proper dull story again.Tough love.

If you get a chance take a look at our book, you can buy it on-line from here too!

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